Extensive use and growing demand for biologics come at a time when there is increasing need for savings and efficiencies within the health care systems. Biosimilar medicines may provide cost savings for patients who can benefit from biologic medicines. By potentially providing more affordable options, biosimilar medicines can allow for the reallocation of resources to other areas of patient care. In addition biosimilars could lead to earlier intervention with the appropriate biologic medicines, potentially improving treatment outcomes.

Changing the landscape

The creation of a sustainable and competitive marketplace for originator biologics and biosimilars has the potential to improve patient access to biologics, increase treatment options, and generate savings and efficiencies for health care systems.

Potential cost savings from biosimilars to health care systems may be substantial

Cost savings

to health care systems due to biosimilars may be substantial. RAND corporation estimates that biosimilars may lead to savings of up to $150 billion in direct spending on biologic drugs between 2017 and 2026.*
*Based on an assumption of a biosimilar market share of 50% and biosimilar prices are 50% of the reference product.

The potential to improve outcomes

Biosimilars may offer additional treatment options that may increase savings and efficiencies to health care systems and expand the use of biologic therapies, which may lead to better overall health outcomes.

Biosimilars may offer a number of potential benefits to various stakeholders

Potential of biosimilars for patients, payers, and providers

Increased use
of biologics

Additional treatment choices at lower cost to the health care system

Improved access
and outcomes

Increase access to biologics, which may lead to improved health outcomes overall

Health care system

Possible savings and efficiencies to the health care system

Expanded options
for patients

Offer a variety of therapeutic options

Transitioning to value-based care? Learn How Biosimilars may help

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